Get access to all of our group personal training options (MP-MRT, LVL Up, Hiit&Run – *excludes MP CLIMB) and for a limited time we’ll include unlimited access to our **Recovery Lounge as well!

*One free class is offered to new clients to MP CLIMB

**Recovery Lounge access activates after you register and attend for your first class. No purchase necessary. Offer expires 7/4/18


metabolic resistance training


MP-MRT is our version of a traditional “boot camp” workout, with a more personal touch. Our degreed and certified personal trainers will lead you through an interval based workout combining strength, cardio, and core exercises. A group workout that can be modified to fit your individual needs. [Learn More]
STRENGTH/cross training


LVL Up is a workout similar to Crossfit in nature, but allows for safer exercises, more progressions, and extensive data tracking. It uses a progressive fitness testing system that “gamifies” the workout allowing you compete for your personal best as well as compete against others. The scoring system helps to track results, motivate to improve, and help set reachable goals.


HIIT&Run is a total body conditioning and core workout that features BAS boxing systems, Woodway Curve Treadmills, Rowers, Battle Ropes, and Myzone heart rate tracking. All HIIT&Run workouts are Low Impact/High Intensity, designed to burn maximal calories while minimizing stress on the joints. [Learn More]

Recovery Lounge

To get the most out of your workouts, proper recovery is crucial. Our Recovery Lounge features Infrared Saunas, Compression Therapy, Compex Muscle Stim, Theragun, Inversion Therapy, and Myofascial Release Tools. [Learn More]

The MP Difference

The mission of Miracle Performance is to provide clients access to multiple high end fitness services all under one roof, for a fraction of the total cost versus having memberships to multiple boutique fitness studios.

Our goal is provide our clients with the complete workout solution, covering all components of fitness, including functional strength, cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, mobility and flexibility, recovery, and nutrition.

We realize that workouts that specialize in each individual component produce far greater results than workouts that try to encompass all at once. We built unique workout studios that have specific equipment and flooring designed to optimize each training environment.

All of our workouts are led by highly qualified instructors. Our professional fitness coaches all have a minimum 4 year degree in Exercise Science and industry leading certifications. Every workout is considered a personal training session, as we provide individualized coaching to all of our members.

our facility

4 unique fitness studios

Get a better workout with specialized studios with specific equipment and flooring to provide a safer and more effective workout.

Over 60 classes per week

More classes to fit your busy schedule. We offer early morning (starting at 5am), late morning, evening, and weekend times.

Professionl trainers

Our highly qualified trainers all have a minimum bachelors degree in Exercise Science, and industry leading personal training certifications. 

MYZONE Heart Rate Technology

MYZONE is an accurate heart rate monitoring system that gives our members real time feedback on effort, heart rate, and calories burned.


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