MP STRENGTH is a Small Group Personal Training Class. It combines elements of our previously offered MRT and LVL Up classes, to focus on total body strength training. The class is designed for any fitness level and led by a degreed and certified Personal Trainer. The workout will be programmed using intervals, EMOM, and AMAP  rep schemes. It features a variety of equipment, including barbells, dumbells post landmines, kettlebells, plyo boxes, bands, racks, and bench.

Every participant will have their own “Workout Pod”, a 12×8 taped off workout station featuring their own equipment to provide the optimal safety for our participants.

  • Strength Based Training System
  • Great For All Fitness Levels
  • Build Lean Muscle, Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism
  • Participants have their own set of equipment

  • Individualized Coaching in a Group Setting
  • Safer Movements and Exercise Progressions to Avoid Injury
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Hiit & Run was designed to be the ultimate total body conditioning workout, allowing participants to maximize intensity while minimizing impact on the joints.

Led By Degreed and Certified Trainers

All of our trainers have minimum of a 4 year degree in Exercise Science as well as industry leading training certifications. We get to know all of our individual clients exercise needs and limitations, bridging the gap between personal training and large group training.


Our workout system is built on progressions and regressions and is designed to accommodate ALL fitness levels. Whether you haven’t worked out in a long time, are already in amazing shape, or have any nagging injures or limitations, we can modify the workout to fit your specific needs.

Total Body strength Workouts

Purely functional training by nature, our workouts feature only free weights. You’ll get better results using a variety of equipment and your own body. Every workout balances pushing, pulling, knee dominant, and hip dominant movement patterns. No muscle is left untouched! We eliminated high risk exercises to help keep you injury free.