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what is mpvt?

We will be conducting virtual classes run by our trainers though the zoom meeting software. Our coaches will be instructing and demonstrating the workouts and running a class just as we would in our studio. We will be providing progressions and regression of each exercise, and coach you though getting the most out of each exercise including form cues and motivation. We will be able to see you working out as well, and will be making corrections on form as much as possible. You will be able to turn off video on your end if you wish to not be seen by our coaches or others.


**See our full schedule on the calendar at bottom of page**

MRT (M/w/f)

MP-MRT is the bodyweight version of our Metabolic Resistance Training Workout. Every workout includes total body strength training, functional core training, and cardio conditioning exercises. The workout will also consist of a dynamic warmup and a flexibility/mobility cooldown. No equipment required.

Advanced MRT (M/w)

Advanced MP-MRT is a Group Metabolic Resistance Training Workout. MP-MRT is designed for any fitness level, and led by a degreed and certified Personal Trainer. The interval-based workout will feature our virtual training technique by bringing our gym into your home! Every workout includes total body strength training, functional core training, and cardio conditioning exercises. Advanced MRT is for people who dont need a lot of modifications to exercises, and want to up the intensity from the regular MRT workout. We will be using heavier weights, and showing harder progressions of exercises. Equipment is required – sets of Dumbbells heavier than 10 lbs, or Kettlebells will work.

hiit/core (Tu/Th/Sa)

Conditioning and core workout with a focus on core exercises and total body conditioning. A lot of abs and cardio! No equipment required!

STACK It UP (Tu/Th/Sa)

Hit the body with a healthy dose of high-density training incorporating short intervals with strategic recovery periods done ladder-style. Transform your body with targeted movement complexes that are stacked together for an intense, challenging workout. One heavy weight is required (Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Sandbag, Loaded duffel bag/back pack, etc). 

Cardio blast (Tu/f)

Cardio Blast is a 30 min high intensity interval cardio class using *equipment that you already have in your home – Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike, Rower, Stepper, Jump Rope, etc. Participants will also be required to make a 4-box agility square for ground based cardio movements (this can be made in minutes using painters tape, electrical tape, or masking tape). The workout will consist of rounds of high intensity intervals on your cardio equipment of choice alternated with agility square cardio exercises. The goal is get your heart pumping and burn a ton of calories! *You are required to have at least one piece of equipment to use for the workout. If you have multiple pieces of equipment you may use them all!


 Annie’s sixty minute yoga class is appealing to any level practitioner with the desire to round out their workout or just feel a little bit better in their body. Her sixty minute vinyasa class will include a well rounded warm up, sun salutations to build heat, standing postures for strength and balance, and longer held seated postures to close. Annie’s open level classes are thoughtfully sequenced to be well balanced, straight forward, and appealing to both the beginner and experienced yogi. Flexibility is not required!

power yoga (Tu/F)

 A 30 minute athletic Power Yoga flow that is accompanied by intense stretching and mindful movements. This practice will incorporate basic yoga poses at a faster moving pace, allowing us to take a break from our busy day to move, flow and let go together. *Perfect for cross training or an active recovery day. *Equipment required: Yoga Mat

youth athlete (m/w/f)

Advanced Athlete (Ages 13-18)

We will focus on all aspects of athletic performance – total body strength, plyometrics, speed & agility, mobility, core strength, and injury prevention. No equipment needed, great for ages 13-18yrs old.

Athletic Development (Ages 7-12)

Great for the younger kids, we’ll be having fun with agility drills, body weight movements, and games! The goal is to improve agility, balance,coordination, mobility, and get them moving!

Female Athlete ACL Injury Prevention (coming soon)

*kids are allowed to join in with you to all the classes we offer as well. All of our equipment free workouts are great to do with the whole family!


We will be offering equipment based classes and more specialty classes in the future (mobility/flexibility, etc).


All current MP members can use their existing memberships or packages to register for classes. All non-members are welcome to purchase packages or drop in sessions to attend.

All MP Packages are good for all classes and can be shared by everyone in your immediate family.

NOTE: Your family members in your household are welcome to join you in the workout – you only need to register one person per class!

*BONUS #1: All participants to our program will also get access to our MP Members Facebook Group for social support/interaction, weekly challenges, recipes, tips, and more!

*BONUS #2: All participants will get access to our Plant Based Nutrition Challenge starting in April!

how to register:

1. Download the ZOOM app for FREE – Desktop or find it on the app store on iTunes or Google Play

2. Register for class through our web app or mobile app (Iphone / android ) just as you normally would. You can also book directly though the schedule below. You must be registered at least 15 min before class start time.

3. You will able to use current membership/package options, or purchase upon registering

4. You will get en email from us 15 Minutes before class time with a link to join the ZOOM meeting. Clicking the link will open up the app on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

5. If you have any issues, contact us at or 216-832-9212

class schedule:

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